We are The Tiny Ugly Germs from Port Huron, Michigan.
Check us out.
New EP "Not Dead Just Lying Very Still" available now for free download.

thanks for the follow, you guys sound amazing (: I would totally go to a show and support fellow Michiganders xoxo

Don’t just go to our shows, go to any shows because Michigan music is so important and needs all the support it can get. Go to a show, set up a show, hell, make a road trip to Grand Rapids. Just do what you can to support the talent the mitten has to offer.

I'm totally digging your sound! And all your replies are so cute what the heck. If you ever come to Colorado let's go on a hike or something (ya know... If you're into that)

Nick and Hannah are actually allergic to dirt, and Tim (as legend has it) only leaves his house once a year. But Nate was born in the wilderness, molded by it. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak English as a result. You’re all out of luck, soul sister :(

You should come to Tennessee one day. Possibly soon. I love you guys and would kill to see you live <3

There’s no need for violence. We’ll head down that way, willingly, ASAP ;)

Okay I liked all the tracks I could find on your blog and the video of your cover of Constant Headache (which is my favorite song) to watch and listen to later so I'm hoping it'll be good♡♡♡ you guys r v v cute thanks for the follow~ Bri

We hope it’ll be good, too. 

How do you record your drum tracks?

The answer to that question is different for every album, but they all required patience and drums. On Not Dead, we used two overheads and spot mics for the bass and snare. On Fun Sucks and Fish, we used one mic and a punk-rock ideology.