We are The Tiny Ugly Germs from Port Huron, Michigan.
Check us out.
New EP "Not Dead Just Lying Very Still" available now for free download.

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Okay so right this minute, we’re in the process of booking our first small tour.

9/25 - Detroit, MI
9/26 - Bowling Green or Toledo, OH
9/27 - Columbus, OH
9/28 - Port Huron, MI

This is all tentative, but this is our *ideal* routing, and if we know anyone that can possibly help us out with the not-Port Huron dates that would be cool.

UPDATE: The tour is pretty much booked, just waiting on confirmation from Columbus and Detroit essentially, and due to availability circumstances it had to be pushed back another week. We’re incredibly excited for this, as well as some other exciting things we’ll have to announce soon. Thank you all, you’ll be hearing much more from us soon. -The Tiny Ugly Germs
Okay but your music is fantastic are you coming to Indiana please come to Indiana

Actually just got an Indiana hookup today, and I’m 99% positive we’ll be there in November

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Hey Michigan friends, we’re playing at The Warehouse in Marine City on 8/16 for Cross the Line’s EP release show along with a few other bands! This’ll be our first time in Marine City and we’d love to see a bunch of friends there!

FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/265419946998069/

Just a reminder guys and gals, this is tomorrow and we hope to see a bunch of faces there, hopefully attached to people.

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Nate did an impromptu acoustic cover of Joyce Manor’s “Constant Headache” as a part of our late night party jam session.

On this week’s edition of things that are somehow related to Joyce Manor but aren’t Joyce Manor. Check out this band’s tunes here